5 Ilonggas get Chief Girls Scout Medals

ILOILO – Five young leaders were awarded with Chief Girls Scout Medals, the highest honour for senior and cadet girl scouts in the country, after performing various outstanding community projects here last year. 

They were Senior Girl Scouts Emerald May Alanan of Barotac Viejo National High School, Rose Jade Eugenie Delgado of Colegio de San Jose, Breanne Grace Deloso and Camille Hope Doromal of Central Philippine Central University High School and Rosjel Jolly Lambungan of Dueñas General High School.

Their distinguished leadership and contributions to nation building were known during their courtesy visit to Governor Arthur Defensor Sr.  at the Provincial Capitol here recently.  

Alanan, a grade 1o student, initiated a mangrove tree planting activity in Barangays Sto Domingo and Nueva Sevilla, all in her hometown, to prevent flooding and coastal erosion in the area.

A total of 4,000 mangrove propagules were planted during this activity and to sustain this, the project has been adopted by the local government unit and the barangays involved.

The rest focused their project on health, particularly in nutrition, use of herbal medicines in curing minor illness and propagation and consumption of organic vegetables.

For almost a year, Delgado spearheaded and sustained a feeding program for severely malnourished children in Barangay Bolong Oeste in Sta. Barbara.

Aside from the feeding program, medical missions like free consultations, distribution of free vitamins and medicines, and dental check-ups were also held.

Regular orientations were also conducted to the beneficiaries’ mothers to guide them on ways of keeping their children properly nourished.

As part of promoting alternative medicines, Deloso and Doromal planted 130 varieties of herbal plants in Barangay Poblacion, San Miguel and Barangay Cayos, Dumangas.

A seminar was also given to the community to teach them the purpose, importance and use of herbal plants.

For easy understanding, the plants were labelled and tarpaulins to indicate which plant to use for certain ailment.

Lambungan’s project was also about health but it was self-sustaining. Her troops first converted an idle land full of garbage into a vegetable garden and planted 30 varieties of vegetables at Barangay Poblacion, Dueñas.

The project provided the community with organic vegetables at a lower cost and for its regular feeding program to pre-school children.

Once the vegetables were harvested, her group will sell it to the market and use the money to purchase vegetable seeds.

The project was monitored weekly by the troop and the community and one of their members was assigned to take care and assist those who wanted to buy from the garden. (Jezza A. Nepomoceno/Capitol News)





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