Police told to act fast in restoring people’s trust

ILOILO – Despite its outstanding performance in curbing crimes here, the members of the Philippine National Police has still a handful of work to do to completely gain people’s respect and love.

“When it comes to restoring people’s trust in your institution, we haven’t come close to that yet,” stressed Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. during the courtesy call of 43 chiefs of police led by Iloilo Provincial Police Office Director Harold Tuzon in Casa Real de Iloilo on Tuesday (January 17). 

Defensor recalled the past when people accord the police with highest respect but “along the way we have lost a lot of that respect and it has reached a point … that people looked down upon us”.

That should not have been the case if the PNP was able to totally remove the rotten tomatoes among its rank and file.

“We have to bring back that good image of the PNP and the most important thing that we must do… is for this institution to act with highest form of integrity, honestly and discipline,” he pointed out.

He added that “if we are dumb, the people can forgive us. But if we are crook, the people will never forgive us.”

He then urged them to leave the service and looked for high paying jobs if they cannot live within their means as policemen.

Meanwhile, Congressman Arthur Defensor Sr., represented by his younger brother, Board Member Lorenz Defensor donated 45 computer sets worth P3.9-million to help IPPO in its information and communication management program.

The young Defensor assured the IPPO that they will provide them with their full legislative support. (END)



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