PEZA oks P10B economic zone in San Enrique


ILOILO — The proposed bamboo forest and industrial park worth P10-billion in Barangay Dumiles, San Enrique has earned the approval of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

PEZA approved the investment plan of Bamboo Technology and Development Park Inc. (BTDPI), a company owned by Italian Enriko Caranza, on November, according to his assistant Cara Mijares.

“We received an email from PEZA. Our application has been approved,” Mijares informed this writer following their recent courtesy visit to Governor Arthur Defensor Sr.

The first bamboo forest to be established in the Philippines will occupy 15,000 hectares of land in the town and 187 hectares have been acquired by the company for ecotourism and industrial use.

BTDPI is committed to fill the land with one million bamboos in three years starting 2016.

It forms part of their vision to plant bamboo in at least 500,000 hectares of land in support to the reforestation effort of the government and as a contribution to the ASEAN commitment of 20 million hectares of new forest by 2020.

The plantation will serve as source of raw materials for industrial laminated bamboo panels and lumbers which they will export to Europe and Middle East where the use of the products instead of wood has taken the center stage in housing construction industry.

Technolam, an international group of business experts in the field of wood lamination, is scheduled to meet the annual demand of €10-million for bamboo profile alone.

“The purchase order of ten million euro from Italy alone poses a very promising future for the processing plant of laminated bamboo products,” he said.

With less use of machineries, the proposed bamboo plantation and industrial complex in San Enrique can generate approximately 35,000 jobs for skilled and unskilled laborers.

It can likewise have a ripple effect for food providers such as caterers and restaurant owners, transport sector and related businesses.

Caranza said the project is environment friendly since no chemical is applied for the production of prime bamboo wood and no waste will be left.

“This is all ‘green’ and no waste because everything will be processed and utilized for the production,” he stressed.

The laminated bamboo products will be of European standard and it will follow the United Nation Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certified Production. JAN



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