P7M grant to finance water systems in 2016

ILOILO — The P7-million Performance Challenge Fund that Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. reaped from 2015 Seal of Good Local Governance will be used to construct more water systems in 2016.

The chief executive named 12 villages located in isolated areas as recipients of the project, according to a report from Provincial Planning and Development Office.

These villages are: Igpuro-Bariri and Caitib in Miagao, Cagay in Alimodian, Camandag in Leon, Agsirab in Lambunao, Jibolo in Janiuay, Cadilang in Passi City, Palaciawan in Barotac Nuevo, Asluman in Carles, Cabalabaguan and Janipa-an West in Mina.

The project, which is part of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program, will serve about 4,342 households or 18,371 individuals once complete.

Since 2010, the provincial government constructed 255 water systems to provide reliable and safe water supply to 212 impoverished villages in five districts here.

To ensure its sustainability, the beneficiaries of these water systems are formed into people’s associations and are trained to maintain and manage it on their own.

Previously, the Department of Interior and Local Government also cited Iloilo for 2011 and 2012 Seal of Good Housekeeping, allowing the province to access the P7-million PCF.

The P7-million grant from each of these two awards was used to pave select farm-to-market roads to improve the transportation of agricultural products.

Among these roads was the Dumangas Poblacion-Bacay Road in Dumangas, the 14th and 2nd producer of swine and native chicken here, respectively.

The concreting of the said road benefited 1,657 households living in Bacay, Ilaya 1st, Jardin, Managuit, Lacturan and Victorias.

Measured have been adopted by the villagers to protect the road from overloading vehicles.

The Provincial Engineer’s Office maintains the road shoulder which serves as roadside protection to prevent soil erosion along the sides of the concrete pavement. JAN





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