Livelihood restoration after Yolanda nearly complete

ILOILO — An international anti-poverty agency and a non-profit foundation are halfway in restoring the livelihood of survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda in five hardest-hit coastal towns in Northern Iloilo.

To date, a total of 104 hand tractors and 52 rice threshers have been turned over to 20 small fisher folk and farmer associations in Concepcion, San Dionisio, Estancia and Batad through Balay Mindanaw and ActionAid Philippines.

The recent turnover was held yesterday (November 15) in Batad and the remaining 26 hand tractors and 13 rice threshers will be distributed this coming November 19 in Carles.

Funded by the Italian Development Cooperation, through the efforts of Italian Ambassador Massimo Roscigno and Governor Arthur Defensor Sr., the post-Yolanda aid aims to improve the income and food security of survivors living in vulnerable areas.

“We can see that they are slowly recovering two years after Yolanda,” said Engr. Maritess Puspus of Balay Mindanaw referring to 1,500 direct beneficiaries of the aid.

The Italian cooperation project focal person emphasized that the farmers can now speed-up their work with minimal pre- and post-production expense should they maximize the use of the farm machineries.

“We gave them this equipment for free. But when it comes to its repair and maintenance, farmers have to shoulder it. They can use it as a tool to raise funds as well by having it leased to others for a minimal fee,” she explained.


Although the aid helped them restore their livelihood, 41-year-old Anna Liza Balogo of Barangay Tuble, San Dionisio said her family’s farm losses since November 2013 has not yet been recovered.

Balogo, a mother of eight children, revealed that due to late planting, drought and infestation, her rice production alone declined from 90 to 45 sacks per hectare.

“I failed in my farm. But with the help of Balay Mindanaw and ActionAid, I am confident that I can increase my production next year. I am truly grateful,” Balogo, a member of Tuble Farmer’s Association, said in Hiligaynon.

The other beneficiaries in San Dionisio are:

*San Dionisio Integrated Multipurpose Cooperative in Brgy. Cudionan

* Northern San Dionisio Multipurpose Cooperative in Brgy. Cubay

*Dugman Farmer’s Association in Brgy. Dugman

*Hacienda Conchita Water Impounding Irrigators Association in Brgy. Hacienda Conchita, and

*San Nicolas Farmer’s Association in Brgy. San Nicolas

In Estancia, the beneficiaries are Lumbia Farmer’s Association in Brgy. Lumbia, Brgy. Loony Farmer’s Association in Brgy. Lonoy, Daan Banwa Farmer’s Association in Brgy. Daan Banwa and Tacbuyan Farmer’s Association in Brgy. Tacbuyan.   JAN












Up to now, building a resilient community remains a challenge to both government and non-government agencies involved in post-Yolanda rehabilitation, according Puspus.


“In every disaster area, it’s difficult pa rin to define what a resilient barangay is. In Balay Mindanaw, we wanted to empower the community so that before we leave, they can stand on their own,” she said.






Società d’Amico di Navigazione, an international marine transport company, have donated US$100,000 (Php4,517,597.67) for the building of two patrol boats cum ambulance for Iloilo.



Naglibot si guv upod ang Italian Ambassador…part of the commitment nga ginhatag nya ang 100,000 worth patrol sea-cum ambulance…duh aka bilog nga inog station sa norte,

A proposal … ang ginpaabo lang ni guv kag ni doc banias nga tipigan naton ini kag gamiton sa insakto kay makabulig gid ini sa aton pagpanguma..





Puspus said many things have changed after Yolanda yet resilien



Since the start of Yolanda…emergency response, I was there to facilitate the barangay focused group…we make sure that the …biased on women…provide them with livelihood…link them to the market…agro interprise…community stores, fish drying…fishing equipment and gear…Manipulon (35 houses)..Bayas, Lugingon, Jolog… multi cab…so they can bring around their supply…enterprising na…they are slowly recovering.. financial literacy, business development services so that they will be equipmed…


There is still a need to extend the

Ang improvement …resiliency ng mga barangay…no matter how we provide them everything  from emergency rehab but kung indi sila empowered and responsive sa ating ginagawa…everyone provision lang lahat…even if we are not in the area, they can survive…ang ginagawa natin hindi dole out…you contributeyour effort and time…they can stand alone…in eveyr disaster area its diffult parin to define the resilent barangay…




















26 hand tractors and 13 rice threshers







Pakiramdam natin winasak na an gating livelihood, ay sana makapagdugtong sa kabuhayan…sapanahon na hindi na tayo makakabangon…



Nov. 11 LGU- San Dionisio (LGU is asking whether you are available in the morning or in the afternoon
Nov. 13 LGU-Estancia; 9AM-12PM
Nov. 16 LGU Batad (LGU is asking whether you are available in the morning or afternoon)
Nov. 19 LGU-Carles (LGU is asking whether you are available in the morning or afternoon)


My colleagues from Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc. (BMFI) stationed in Estancia will be able to reach you out regarding your confirmation.

We will also send our formal communication regarding the matter.




Restoring Livelihoods of the Most Vulnerable Rural Communities Victim of Natural Disasters in Iloilo aims to contribute to improve income and food security among small scale farmers and fishers in Iloilo.


The project aims to increase the productivity of 1,500 small scale farmes and fishers from five municipalities in Iloilo affected by natural disasters through distribution of agricultural equipment and training courses on the following:


*Agriculture and fishery on the topics of food security, production and storage of products with reference to export as income-generating activity

*Maintenance and repair agricultural equipment, and

*Prevention and disaster risk reduction


The project will directly benefit 1,500 beneficiaries and over 19,000b indirect beneficiaries, 65% of whom are women. Priority will be given to small scale women and men farmers and fishers from the most vulnerable communities in the five municipalities.


Ends on April 26, 2016


Project components and activities

Joint stakeholders meeting and social preparation

Baseline study

Organizing and technical assistance to unregistered farmers cooperatives

Support to 130 agricultural cooperatives through the provision of agricultural equipment (hand tractors and rice threshers)

Capacity building support to farmers and fishers

Communications and visibility activities

Transparency and accountability mechanism





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