Iloilo interests Chinese consulate

ILOILO – Chinese Consul General Song Ronghua is keen on helping this province attract more investors from China to realize the proposed 50-hectare industrial/economic zone and technohub in Sitio Naluoyan, Barangay Sapao, Dumangas.

Iloilo is starting to invite interested parties to this proposal to make Dumangas a gateway for trading and premier center for agri-aqua, eco-tourism, industry and education in the future.

Ronghua said that he is willing to co-organize an investment summit for the benefit of Iloilo in Cebu next year after he learned that the same was held in Makati City last year.

The 2014 business forum promoting Iloilo as the next important business and investment destination in Visayas netted some P50-billion investments and pledges.

Ronghua was in Iloilo last October 13-15 to visit the 400 Chinese working for the construction of 135-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Concepcion and the proposed economic zone in Dumangas.

He was also here last September 17-19 to accompany China’s Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua, who donated P1-million post-Yolanda aid to Iloilo.

After his visit, Ronghua acknowledged that Iloilo has a lot of potentials and their people might be interested to pour some investments here.

According to Dumangas Mayor Rolando Destura, the proposed economic zone will form a nucleus of an industrial center that will encourage either manufacturing or warehousing.

Dumangas is a coastal town in 4th congressional district of Iloilo that is about 27 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is accessible by land through Monfort Boulevard and water transport via Dumangas port.

The economic zone is conceptualized given the large track of open areas available at the town for industrial development and stable supply of electricity and water.

Power supply is provided by the Iloilo Electric Cooperative II with three-phase power connection and a 25-MVA substation in Pagdugue, Dumangas.

Destura said a dedicated power line from 135-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Concepcion will also be installed once the economic zone is in place.

Water is supplied by Dumangas-Barotac Nuevo Water District and it is planning to use Jalaur River as another source so it can deliver 5,000 cum/day, which is sufficient enough for Dumangas up to year 2021.

A 10 MLD (million liters per day) facility is also being constructed to provide enough and reliable source of potable water to Dumangas which can be utilized for industrial purposes.

Telecommunication facilities are likewise available. The provincial government supports this project and has put in place ordinances and other policies to encourage investments. JAN


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