Capitol practices solid waste mgt

ILOILO — As lead implementers, employees of the Iloilo Provincial Capitol have been instructed to segregate their waste in compliance to Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

Mandated by Governor Arthur Defensor Sr., a memorandum order has been issued requiring all employees to practice solid waste management by adopting the Trash in a Bottle: An Alternative Recycling Technology on Plastics (ART on Plastics) starting this month.

ART on Plastics contributes to the effort of the government to protect the environment by converting this highly contaminating waste into ecological and local construction materials.

Memo No. 39, series of 2015, issued by Provincial Administrator Raul Banias on October 14, provided, among others, the strict implementation of “No Segregation, No Collection” of Waste Policy.

Offices in the Capitol from the ground up to the sixth floor have prepared three types of garbage cans — one for biodegradable (food waste), second for non-biodegradable (cans, bottles, Styrofoam, dry paper, cardboard) and third for special wastes (inkjet/cartridges, batteries, bulbs).

Plastics pet bottles from water, soda, and juices would be separated and loaded with loose, clean and dry household trash. Using twigs or sticks, the trash inside the bottle would be tightened or compacted and sealed with its screw cap lid.

The bottle blocks would then be used as building materials in schools, or as fence, garden blocks, path walks, blinds or insulation, or simply decoratisons.

ART on Plastics features simple recycling technology to minimize the impact of improper solid waste disposal that causes surface and ground water contamination, spread of air, water and soil borne diseases, odor nuisance and flooding.


The Sangguniang Panlalawigan last year has issued a resolution adopting the 10-year Provincial Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan 2011-2021 pursuant to Republic Act 9003.

The national law required all government units in the Philippines to establish an ecological solid waste management program within their jurisdictions and provides the necessary institutional mechanisms to attain its objectives.

In 2013, the province already created the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board and this 2015, it created the Provincial Solid Waste Management Committee to enact ordinances, programs and projects to ensure the compliance of 43 local government units in Iloilo.

The committee provides trainings, seminars and workshop to the city or municipal implementers of solid waste management to enhance their technical capability.

The passage of the resolution signified Iloilo’s commitment to comply and enforce the salient mandates of RA 9003. JAN


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