Iloilo in need of P9.2-million SAR  

ILOILO – The absence of search and rescue (SAR) equipment in municipalities prone to natural disasters like tropical cyclones remains a problem here, according to the Iloilo Provincial Police Office.

Based on their experience, Police Provincial Director Cornelio Salinas revealed that most of the municipalities in Iloilo lack the capabilities and equipment in search and rescue operations.

Salinas estimated that P9.2-million will be needed to purchase SAR equipment for the 43 local government units in the province.

SAR equipment include lighting, hand tools, digging tools, carriage, first aid and for personal safety of rescuers.

Continues disaster preparedness training is also important to avoid casualties, he said.

“This is a hanging proposal for the chief executives and it will be up for them to act on it immediately,” he said.

He added that LGUs must invest in disaster risk reduction and management to ensure public safety during emergencies.

Iloilo has an extensive coastal area and such is prone to storm surges and flooding. It is also predisposed to landslides due to the mountainous terrain of the towns located in Central Panay.


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