World Bank to help concrete 24 roads in Iloilo

ILOILO – Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. has sought the assistance of World Bank in developing 145 kilometers of dirt road in 18 municipalities devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

The establishment of reliable and safe road in these areas will cost around Php1.88 billion or P13-million per kilometer, according to the estimate of the Provincial Engineer’s Office.

The project is expected to be implemented this year under World Bank’s Support for Strategic Local Development and Investment Project for Philippines (SSLDIP).

SSCDIP provides any local government unit the access to viable financing that will help them implement strategic infrastructure investments.

In the case Iloilo, it is for the concreting of provincial and barangay roads to improve the transportation and mobilization of goods, mostly agricultural produce, from the farm to the market.

Using an open menu approach, the project finances individual or a program of infrastructure investments. It also supports LGU investments in improving financial management and revenue generating capacity.

The project provides assistance to participating LGUs in preparation, procurement supervision and management, including monitoring of outcomes during construction and improved management and operation of municipal enterprises and services.

According to reports from the Provincial Planning and Development Office, the funds coming from the World Bank will be in a form of a loan.

To be specific, 90 percent of the project cost is a loan from them and the remaining ten percent will be the counterpart of the provincial government.

The road sections shortlisted for the SSLDIP are the following:

*Cabugao-Banban-Tuyongan Road (13km) in Calinog

*Nabitasan-Capulan Road (3km) in Mina

*Lemery Poblacion-Milan-Marapal Road (9.1km) in Lemery

*Santiago-Sto. Tomas-Vista Alegre Road (7.1km) in Barotac Viejo

*Dueñas-Cabudian-Carvasana Road (11.7km) in Dueñas

*Badiang-Camiros Road (3km) in Anilao

*Batad Poblacion-Bulak Road (7.1km) in Batad

*Camambugan-Libertad Road (6.6km) in Balasan

*Poblacion Bancal Road (4.1km) in Carles

*Abong-Tarong-Bancal Road (6.9km) in Carles

*Estancia Poblacion-Gogo Road (3.6km) in Estancia

*Ilajas-Camiros Road (7km) in Dingle

*Banate Poblacion-De La Paz-Garita Road (11km) in Banate

*Tamboilan-P.Bique Road (3.8km) in Dumangas

*Poblacion-Misi Panuran Road (4km) in Lambunao

*Pajo-Cunarom Spanish Road (2.5km) in Lambunao

*Zarrague-Iwa-Ilaud Road (2.8km) in Pototan

*Poblacion Malapaya-Ardemil-Agsinapot-Tady Road (13km) in Sara

*Lincud-Moroboro Road (3km) in Dingle

*Amiroy-Jelicuon Road (2.8km) in Mina

*Hamod-Embarkadero Road (3.1km) in Batad

*Agtambo-Bitaogan Road (5.6km) in Passi City

*Mina-Talibong-Yugot Road (4.8km) in Mina; and

*Tabucan-Consolacion-San Miguel Road (6.1km) in Cabatuan and San Miguel. (Jezza A. Nepomoceno/Capitol News)


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