Water systems seen to improve public health

ILOILO – For the past five years, Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. has spent P49.1-million in construction of water systems as part of his commitment to improve the accessibility of the public to clean and safe drinking water.

The fund was able to make 255 water systems in 212 villages which were mostly located in remote areas.  Before these were realized, the people in these villages were depending on deep wells for drinking water and rain for cleaning and washing.

Such practice would often lead to occurrence of diarrhea among children and other water-borne diseases. But after the completion of the project in their respective villages, the incidence slowly declined.

“We are embarking in a massive construction of water systems in the province because I do not want my constituents to suffer from lack of safe water just like I did during my teenage years,” Defensor said.

Since 2010, the water systems that the province constructed were continuously granting potable water to 12,994 households, 23 elementary schools, ten high schools, seven day care centers, two camping sites, eight multipurpose halls and one district hospital.

The recently completed was in Barangay San Nicolas in Calinog town which the governor inaugurated last Wednesday (February 11). It costs P404,000 and has the capacity to directly supply water to 50 households all years round.

In order for the project to be sustainable, the beneficiaries were organized into an association, according to Project Asst. Julius Edward Castracion of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project of Provincial Planning and Development Office.

“Once we turn over the project, it is the association that manages it afterwards. It will be their responsibility to make project last,” he said.

This 2015, the provincial government has P6-million from the General Fund and P20-million from the Internal Revenue Allotment for the construction of more water systems.

At present, the province is constructing water systems in Brgys. Inagdangan Norte in Zarraga; Pamuringao Proper, Tinio-an, Baluyan and Inabasan in Cabatuan; Jibolo in Janiauy; Calang in Duenas; and in Jelicuon-Cabugao National High School in New Lucena. #2015News


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