RPT collection increases by 7%

ILOILO – Due to the active participation of barangay officials in this province, the tax collection from real properties has increased significantly.

Real property tax collection posted a P20-million increase from P285-million in October 2013 to 305-million on the same period this year.

This seven percent increase is the result of their campaign known as HUBLAG II: Hulag Barangay! Lihok sang Amnestiya Ginasuporta.

HUBLAG II is an initiative that aims to step up the information campaign of the province’s real property tax amnesty in the grass root level and enjoin tax payers to pay their dues before the tax relief is over.

The program evolved from last year’s HUBLAG I: Hulag Barangay! Lihok sang Agraryo Ginasuporta, the flagship campaign under the Iloilo-Comprehensive Agrarian Reform and Taxation (I-CART) Program.

Unlike any other tax campaigns, I-CART specifically targets delinquent tax payers who are beneficiaries of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.

Through the program, real property tax collection increased by P80.2-million from P286.1-million in 2012 to P366.4-million in 2013.

“HUBLAG simply highlights the participation of barangays in real property tax collection and based on our experience, this is an effective campaign. In fact, the Department of Interior and Local Government made the province of Iloilo the champion in administrative governance because of this program,” said Provincial Treasurer Melba Sullivan.

Sullivan reported the accomplishment of the campaign during the joint forum of municipal treasurers, municipal assessors, Liga ng mga Barangay presidents and real property tax focal persons on the monitoring and evaluation of the third quarter real property tax collection performance held at the lobby of Iloilo Provincial Capitol.

Meanwhile, Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. underscored the importance of taxes in the effective delivery of basic services such as road improvement, healthcare and education.

“In this world, there are two things that are absolutely certain – death and tax. If all of you will not pay your tax, the government will cease to exist. Hence, campaigns such as these are important,” the governor stressed.

Defensor reiterated that efficiency in tax collection will likewise determine the efficiency of the delivery of basic services.

“The province is one of the biggest provinces in the country and tax collection is always a challenge. It is crucial that we must be able to collect enough tax in order to fuel the various development projects of the province,” he said.

“I assure you that the money you will pay will return to your benefit. Remember that for as long as I am your governor, I will protect your money. As you can see now, I am giving you the governance that is corrupt-free and for the people, so have faith in us,” he added.

Under HUBLAG II, 25 percent of the basic realty tax paid will go to the general fund of the barangays to augment their local source of income and the rest will go to the coffers of the province.

In this program, barangay officials are acquiring the masterlist of all delinquent real property owners in their respective barangays from their municipal treasurers.

They will then identify the status of the property, its occupants and the heirs if the declared owner is already dead, update the records, and identify the correct person to be notified of the bills.

Based on the list, they will assist in the door-to-door distribution of tax bills and/or realty tax notices. After which, a follow-up of the status of the tax bills/notices will then be made.

Tax payers must to pay their bills before the tax amnesty ends on December 31. #2014News


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