Performing Iloilo health units named

ILOILO – In recognition of their efficient delivery of childcare services, the provincial government of Iloilo named the top performing rural health units here in a ceremony held at Regatta Residence Hotel in Iloilo City on Wednesday (April 22).

Organized by the Provincial Health Office, the awards were meant for health units which excelled in the implementation of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness, Oral Health Care and Expanded Program on Immunization (e.g. measles rubella, oral polio vaccines, fully-immunized children).

Provincial Health Officer Patricia Grace Trabado said the effective implementation of these Child Health Programs was in line with the province’s campaign to reduce the number of infants and children dying from diseases each year.

“This is in acknowledgement of your efforts. As you stand proud of your accomplishments, we hope that you will continue to perform at your best so we can develop a healthy environment for our children here,” Trabado told the awardees.

Meanwhile, Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. commended PHO for motivating the rural health units to excel in all health programs of the province, not only in child health.

“I believe that good health is good politics. This is the very reason why I have devoted a lot of my time, energy and the province’s resources to health,” he stressed.

He added that the public may not remember the names of the officials behind these programs, but they appreciative what the health workers have done for them and to their children.

The Awardees

Lately, Iloilo has been recognized by the Department of Health as the province with the most number of children immunized against measles rubella and polio – 97% of the target was reached.

The province could not have achieved it without the help of the 43 rural health units here including that in the City of Passi.

Of these rural health units, the top ten municipalities with the most number of children vaccinated were the following:

  1. San Dionisio – 119.96%
  2. Tigbuan –114.21%
  3. Lemery – 113.85%
  4. Barotac Nuevo – 110.88%
  5. Calinog –110.08%
  6. Banate –107.5%
  7. San Joaquin –107.07%
  8. San Enrique –106.15%
  9. Guimabl and San Rafael –101.2%
  10. Anilao – 100.26%

On the other hand, the top ten performing municipalities for the Expanded Program on Immunization covering tetanus, hepatitis B, influenza and other regular programs were as follows:

  1. Barbara – 156%
  2. Barotac Nuevo – 119%
  3. Anilao –107%
  4. Banate –104%
  5. Pavia –98%
  6. San Enrique and Dingle –96%
  7. Leon –95%
  8. Pototan and Barotac Viejo – 93%
  9. Calinog and Cabatuan – 91%
  10. Mina and Balasan –90%

For Oral Health Programs, the performing rural dental clinics and dentists were:

  1. Pavia – Dr. Nayce Roullo (14,511 clients served)
  2. Janiuay –Dr. Sharon Gallego (9,831 clients served)
  3. Calinog –Dr. Lucia Palma
  4. Lambunao – Dr. Dolores Campaniel
  5. Miagao –Dr. Wilfredo Nono
  6. Passi City –Dr. Christine Lacatan
  7. Barbara –Dr. Belen Nacionales
  8. Cabatual –Dr. Christine Armentia
  9. Oton –Dr. Reginals Winston Kuan
  10. Badiangan –Dr. Reah Dotillos

Lastly, for the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness, the performing rural health units were:

  1. Concepcion
  2. Janiuay
  3. Miagao
  4. Anilao
  5. Oton
  6. San Joaquin
  7. Pavia
  8. Carles
  9. Lambunao
  10. Leon (Jezza A. Nepomoceno/Capitol News)

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