Guv urged employees to be better this 2015

ILOILO – As he continuously raised the bar of excellence in local governance, Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. expects the provincial government employees here to imbibe the principles of real “reform and change” at all time.

“Our mantra does not only mean that we must uphold to our obsession for absolute integrity and honesty. But I am referring to reform and change in the heart of the individual officials and employees,” the chief executive said during the Capitol’s first flag raising ceremony this 2015.

The governor stressed that transparency and good governance already exist in the institution yet some cannot let go of the habit of pursuing their personal interests above that of the province.

Though he did not mention names, he warned employees who may venture in illegal and corrupt practices that “even if you are close to Arthur Defensor, you cannot expect him to bail you out when you are caught.”

He also emphasized that he bears no ill will against those employees who are currently facing charges before the Office of the Ombudsman and those who have been reprimanded by the Commission on Audit.

“I hold no grudge against anyone. As governor, it is simply my obligation to endorse any complaints that COA made out of their findings against employees, whoever they are, in the Ombudsman,” he said.

He also stressed to the employees that they should always put the interest of the public they serve first since it is how a true public servant works.

“When we work, let us not only think of our self. It is important that we should take a second look at what we are doing and its possible effects to our fellow employees,” he said.  #2015News


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