Guv keynotes 301st IB’s 32nd anniversary 

ILOILO – The gallant and brave soldiers of 301st Infantry (Bayanihan) Brigade of the Philippine Army were reminded of their oath to the people during the celebration of their 32nd founding anniversary on Monday.

“You are here to serve the people. Your commitment is with the people. That is your oath so you serve them well. As much as possible, you serve them with efficiency, competency, honestly and integrity,” stressed Governor Arthur Defensor Sr.

The governor, who was the guest of honor and speaker during the event, also emphasized that the soldiers these days were no longer soldiers of war but soldiers of peace.

The 301st IB under Col. Eric C. Uchida is operating in the whole Islands of Panay and Guimaras in Western Visayas.

Both the islands remained relatively peaceful for the past years despite the presence of insurgents.

Such affirmation, however, is not yet enough, according to Defensor, who is current chairman of the Regional Peace and Order Council.

“We still have to seek for just and lasting peace in this country,” he said as he raised his concern over the recent events in Mindanao where 44 members of SAF died.

The disastrous mission was unfortunate and is becoming a stumbling block to quest for peace with Moro rebels.

“But I believe that we can survive this crisis. We shall seek for the truth and justice. Our soldiers, our policemen and our people will never forgive us if we cannot,” he said.

Before he ends, the governor thanked the Philippine Army, especially the 301st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division of their support to the provincial government during and after Super Typhoon Yolanda.


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