Guv distributes toilets in Carles

ILOILO – Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. recently distributed 300 water-sealed sanitary toilets in island-barangays of Carles as part of the province’s health and sanitation program.

The governor also gave a bag of cement and steel bars for each beneficiary to insure that their toilet is properly installed.

“Let us not dump our waste in the ocean anymore. Make sure you use these toilets instead,” he said.

The massive construction of sanitary toilets in the province this year, which has a budget of P5-million, aims to prevent water-borne diseases (e.g. diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, and dysentery) in communities located in mountainous and remote areas.

In the 42 local government units in Iloilo, 18 percent or 69,173 out of 381,650 households inspected by the Provincial Health Office have no access to sanitary toilets making them vulnerable to diseases.

Records show that only 11,468 or 1.98 percent of the total number of households in the province have sanitary toilets constructed from 2011 to 2012, thus the need for massive construction of sanitary toilets this year.

In the list of households without sanitary toilets, the town of Carles ranked second. Data shows that 50 percent of 12,981 households inspected in Carles are using open pit latrines or open field in the absence of sanitary toilets.

Most of the households without sanitary toilets are living in Bingawan (54 percent of 2,989 households), San Rafael (49 percent of 3,264 households), Barotac Viejo (41 percent of 8,945 households), and Estancia (38 percent of 9,497 households).

Eventually, these households would be the direct beneficiary of the governor’s program. #2014News







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