Defensor orders probe on Diomar’s check scam  

ILOILO – Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. has ordered the Provincial Legal Office to look into the alleged falsification of documents covering P1.65-million worth of transactions on Monday.

These transactions were composed of 17 disbursement vouchers to Diomar Trading as payment for drugs, medicines and apparatus that the provincial government ordered for its district hospitals.

The provincial government was supposed to pay only P1,482,034.27 for the merchandise but the Provincial Treasurer’s Office issued check more than the amount due –P1,652,379.48 (adding the retention fee).

According to Provincial Accountant Lyd Tupas, it was during the encoding of the paid vouchers to Diomar Trading that erasures on the vouchers were noticed.

He also discovered that the deductions for the retention money were substituted with surety bond resulting to higher net amount due to the supplier.

Although the news disappointed the governor, this does not surprise him anymore.

“We have so many employees in the province and it is inevitable that some would resort to this kind of doing. How disgusting!” said Defensor whose mantra has been “reform and change”.

He reiterated that he wanted a full dressed investigation on the matter and the probe team should be “prepared to displease those employees who may have been involved in these irregularities”.

Once the culprits were identified, Defensor threatened to file the appropriate charges against them.

“Even if they are my relatives or not, I don’t care. We will send them to jail once we know who they are,” he stressed. #2014News



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