Solidar helps rebuild homes in Iloilo 

ILOILO – An international humanitarian organization based in Zurich, Switzerland is helping this province rebuild safer homes for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda in 18 impoverished villages in Estancia, Batad and Sara.

The shelter project of Solidar Switzerland aims to retrofit the houses of affected households to improve their living conditions and make them less vulnerable to future disasters.  

The project has so far covered 2,000 families living in fragile shelter structures and some 500 families whose houses have been totally destroyed.

Solidar Switzerland gave each household emergency shelter repair kit containing tools and construction materials worth P10,000. Some 120 artisans were also trained in safe construction techniques.

The destroyed houses were rebuilt using concrete and bamboo. For the families with land tenure problems, a semi-permanent progressive core shelter was developed.

It was a structure built on solid footings with reinforced concrete and the bamboo was directly incorporated into the concrete footing (up to 20 centimetres above the ground).

The distance to the ground allowed the bamboo to stay dry, thereby reducing deterioration due to fungal and termites attack.

The bamboo structure is highly resilient to earthquakes and reasonably resilient to high winds for at least 15 years.

The permanent core house costs P65,600 and the semi-permanent progressive core shelter is P35,200.

The project also provided the beneficiaries with simple flush toilet. To protect the groundwater from faecal contamination, a septic tank model is used in coastal areas while a double pit system is used in areas with lower water table. #2014News





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