Scallops are back in Carles

ILOILO – After years of campaigning against illegal fishing, this province and the town of Carles made it possible to return scallops into their seas.

To prove that it’s true, Carles Mayor Arnold Betita and Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. will witness the harvesting of scallops in Isla Uala Dajon, Gigantes Norte, Carles.

Scallops are mollusks that have two convexly ridged shells and are the best source of Vitamin B12, a very important nutrient for cardiovascular health.

According to the governor, these types of seashell have been gone in Carles for quite some time due to unregulated use of trawl, Danish seine and dynamites. But that changed. Thanks to strict marine law enforcement!

“Now scallops are back because we are winning the war against illegal fishing,” Defensor declared in a press conference here today (May 29).

The officials will also lead the deployment of 21 units of “fish condominium” – an igloo-like artificial reefs made out of bamboo and cement.

The project, inspired by environmental lawyer Antonio Oposa, aims to revive the richness of the town’s marine resource.  The fish condominium will serve as the new sanctuary for the fishes to thrive.

In the evening, a film showing and documentary on the ill effects of illegal fishing will be shown in Isla Uala Gahon as part of the awareness campaign of Provincial Agriculture’s Office.

The next day, Defensor will initiate a grand assembly or pulongpulong where the residents are free to air their sentiments against anything of importance.

“I want to know the real situation on the ground so I can act on it accordingly,” he said adding that the complaints or requests for assistance may vary.

After which, he and his wife, Cosette, will led the turning over 12 units of brand new motorboats to typhoon-affected fisherfolk in Bancal Port, Carles.

The motorboats under the province’s Adopt-a-Fisherman Program will benefit the select fishermen from Brgys. Asluman, Gabi, Lantangan and Granada. #2014News





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