Iloilo distributes 11,228 vials of anti-rabies

ILOILO – The provincial government, through the Provincial Veterinary Office, has started the distribution of 11,228 vials of anti-rabies vaccines to 42 municipalities and one component city here.

The vaccines came from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in support to the province’s Accelerated Rabies Termination Program – a comprehensive strategy to prevent rabies by eliminating stray dogs and intensifying dog vaccination.

Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. said these vaccines can immunize up to 112,280 dogs or 38.73 percent of the 289,856 registered dogs (as of December 2013) in the province.

As of July 15, PVO vaccinated 103,683 dogs or equivalent to 35.77 percent of the dog population.

With the additional rabies vaccines, the province is keen in vaccinating 70 percent of the entire dog population to establish herd immunity.

“Field control” on stray dogs, on the other hand, is conducted regularly pursuant to Republic Act 9482 or the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007.

Only police sharp shooters are authorized to do the “field control”. Protocol requires that at least .22 caliber firearm can be used provided that the stray animal is pursued until death.  The elimination of stray dogs shall also be done away from public view.

If dog owners failed to have their dogs vaccinated, a P2,000 fine is imposed. The law also penalizes the owners who failed to have their dogs put under observation after the said dog has bitten a person (P10,000) and if they fail to leash their dogs every time they are in public (P500). #2014News




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