Defensor ok’d P.7M worth of ‘green’ projects

ILOILO – Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. has approved P708,816.7 worth of local greening projects this year that can help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

These projects include the adaptation of rainwater harvesting technology, the most promising alternative for supplying freshwater in rain-fed villages yet waterless during summer.

With a budget of P652,650.03, the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office is set to establish rainwater harvesting tanks in the following areas:

*Barangay Tinocuan, Dingle

*Jayubo National High School, Lambunao

*Panuran National High School, Lambunao

*Barangay Maribong, Lambunao

*Barangay Pararinga, Janiuay

*Barangay Monte Magapa, Janiuay

*Barangay Carvasana, Calinog

*Barangay Del Pilar, Barotac Viejo, and

*Barangay General Luna, Barotac Viejo

Each ferrocement tank can store 4,000 liters of rainwater. A series of trainings and symposia will also be held in the areas to educate the beneficiaries of the benefits of rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting is an accepted freshwater augmentation technology in Asia and stored supply is good for domestic use.

Aside from this, the governor also agreed to reforest the 19,333 linear meters of riparian area within Ulian River in Lambunao town.

The reforestation, costing P29,000, is  pursuant to the mandates of 1991 Local Government Code – establish, maintain, preserve, protect and conserve communal forest and watershed areas.

Based on the agreement, the municipality has to provide 3,223 endemic seedlings and necessary cuttings and grasses as planting materials. The host town is also responsible for the project’s maintenance.

Lastly, the governor also approved the construction of five units of small farm reservoir (P27,166.67) in Barangay Malinao in Leon. #2014News


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