BM Garin ‘misinformed’ – Defensor

ILOILO – “She is clearly misinformed.” This is the reaction of Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. to the privilege speech of 1st District Board Member Ninfa Garin claiming that the chief executive has forgotten her district in terms of appropriations.

“It seems that she failed to ask first before she made those statements,” Defensor told reporters in a press conference.

Contrary to her allegations, Defensor pointed out that the 1st district composed of Oton, Tigbuan, Miagao, Guimbal, Igbaras, Tubungan and San Joaquin is getting the support it deserves.

In healthcare alone, the governor earmarked P66.7-million for the improvement and upgrading of Pedro Trono Memorial District Hospital in Guimbal, the hometown of Garin.

The fund is part of P300-million loan of the province in the Land Bank of the Philippines which is payable up to 25 years.

The lone hospital in the 1st district also received P14-million from Internal Revenue Allotment of the province for the renovation of its wards and other services.

The province also set aside P5-million to purchase the hospital’s request for x-ray machine.

The chief executive also secured P33.9-million aid for the same from Department of Health’s Health Facility Enhancement Program.

For the rehabilitation of roads and bridges, Defensor explained that the appropriation of funds is based on the district’s needs and not on politics.

Based on this year’s budget of the province, P50-million has been appropriated for the concreting of dilapidated provincial roads and bridges.

Of the funds, P8.2-million will go to the repair Damilisan-Igbogo Road in Miagao, Leon-Omambong-Cordova Road in Tigbuan, Buluangan Bridge in Guimbal, Naclub and Solong Bridge in Miagao, Anhawan Bridge in Oton and Parara Jamog Road in Tigbuan.

“They only have this much because based on (Provincial Engineer’s Office’s) assessment, that is what they need and that is what we can afford,” he said.

The 2nd district, on the other hand, has P10-million allocation for the same repair, 3rd District has P11-million, 4th district has P14-million and 5th district has P5-million.

“If I am politicking, I will not help the fourth district because I lost there last election. But I am not that kind of politician. Instead, we weigh everything based on their actual needs and our capacity. That’s how budgeting works,” he stressed. #2014News


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