KOICA consultations up for health project

ILOILO – The Iloilo Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Area (GIDA) Health System Strengthening Project will now be implemented in this province following the arrival of the project’s field manager on Friday.

Yon Hee Yang of Hyundai Asan Co. Ltd. has been commissioned by the Korea International Cooperative Agency (KOICA) to complete the project’s management consultation service in 15 months from April 11, 2014.

The US$7-million Iloilo GIDA Health System Strengthening Project aims to improve the maternal and child health index of the province by enhancing the access to basic healthcare services in rural health units of Alimodian, Leon, San Miguel, Calinog, Bingawan, Balasan, Batad, Estancia and Carles.

Yang, a registered nurse, will manage the overall planning and execution of the project’s outreach programs and trainings, according to an e-mail from Provincial Administrator Raul Banias.

Based on the field manager’s dispatch plan, a survey and campaign for maternal child health will be conducted from April to June, 2014.

The training and equipment for basic emergency maternal obstetric and newborn care will also be provided to personnel of the nine rural health units.

From July to September, an invitation training program for health professional and three workshops on data investigation for project manager from each organization will be held in Korea.

Starting October to December, the material and equipment for comprehensive emergency maternal obstetric and newborn care will be provided to the district hospitals in Alimodian, Balasan and Calinog.

On the first quarter of next year, another training of health rofessionals will be conducted in Korea and after which will be the project’s evaluation.

KOICA’s grant to Iloilo is as a testament of true friendship and the common past of South Korea and the Philippines, according to Governor Arthur Defensor Sr.

“This is the result of [South] Korea’s gratitude to Filipinos during the Korean War where we sent 2,000 soldiers to help them secure their democracy,” Defensor said.

This group of soldiers were known as the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea that was under the United Nations Command, the military arm of the United Nations during the conflict, he added.

Moreover, Defensor said South Korea’s help is an assurance that “there is a bright hope for better health services to the people of Iloilo, especially for the poor and less privileged”. (Jezza A. Nepomoceno/Capitol News)




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