Defensor helps boost Pavia’s water supply

ILOILO – Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. recently inaugurated the newly built water tank and reservoir of Pal-agon Waterworks and Sanitation Association (PWSA) in Pavia town.

The project, costing P445,000, was an expansion of the waterworks system of PWSA and would directly benefit its 182 concessionaires.

Of the total project cost, P250,000 came from the governor, P150,000 from the association’s budget and P42,000 was taken from the municipal government of Pavia.

Engr. Rene Margarico of the Provincial Planning and Development Office said the project’s construction started on February, 2012 and it was only completed recently.

Margarico added that the project would ensure ample, clean and reliable water supply to the residents of Pavia.

PWSA was built on 1986 with an initial funding of P227,000 from the administration of former Governor Simplicio Griño under Iloilo’s Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Program.

Four years later, Griño granted P125,000 assistance to PWSA for the construction of their first reservation tank and another aid of P68,895 in 1992 for its pump station.

In 1993, during the first administration of Defensor, a grant of P400,000 was released for the basic waterworks infrastructure of PWSA and this included, among others, the pipelines, valves, and water meters.

In 2008, following the devastating effect brought by Typhoon “Frank”, PWSA’s operations experienced difficulty in meeting the needs of its member-households.

Among the major problems was the deteriorating condition of their submersible pumps due to old age and lack of proper maintenance. Such resulted to decrease in water pressure and volume.

PWSA also failed to meet their collection targets that time due to lack of cooperation among its member-households and the inability of the management to execute its policies.

As a consequence, many of their consumer-households sought the services of Metro Iloilo Water District. But reforms were instituted thereafter and now, PWSA became fully operational and its management is able to sustain it. (Jezza A. Nepomoceno/Capitol News)


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