Some ARBs in NegOcc now insured

BACOLOD CITY, June 23 (PNA) — The crops of close to a hundred agrarian reform beneficiaries in southern district of Negros Occidental are now covered by the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC).

PCIC Regional Director Charlito Brilleta disclosed the first batch of beneficiaries belonged to agrarian reform organizations from La Castellana, Cadiz City and Silay City.

Brilleta said the insurance covers corn, rice, sugarcane and high-value crop planters who previously availed the Agrarian Production Credit Program of Department of Agrarian Reform.

The computation of PCIC’s crop insurance is based on the extent of the damage caused by pests or natural disasters to the ARBs plantations.

But aside from crop insurance, the ARBs themselves are insured in case of death or accident.

A P50,000 insurance benefits will be given to the ARBs’ dependents if he died.

If the insured is into rice and corn farming, his dependents will get an additional P10,000 benefits.

PCIC also provides P5,000 aid for their hospitalization if they encountered accident that cost them their limb.

The premium cost for both the crop and individual farmer’s life and limb insurance coverage is shouldered by DAR to boost ARBs productivity and welfare.

Brilleta stressed the inclusion of ARBs to their insurance program will give them the safety net against crop pests and diseases.

It will also discourage ARBs from getting loans to private individuals or lending firms in the event of disasters like fire, excessive drought and flooding, he added.

“This insurance is what they have been praying for and now we are giving it to them for free,” Brilleta said. (PNA)


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