PCG intensifies inspection of vessels in Bacolod port

BACOLOD CITY, June 17 (PNA) -– The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has intensified its inspection of both cargo and passenger vessels traveling to and from Bacolod City starting Monday.

Lt. Commander Glenn Daraug of PCG-Bacolod stressed that the mandatory pre-departure inspection is for the safety of crew and passengers of the vessels.

Daraug pointed out this kind of pro-active measure must be done strictly to prevent any untoward incident like what happened to MV St. Gregory the Great over the weekend.

The ill-fated ship nearly capsized after it suffered a hole in its hull while navigating Iloilo Straight on June 15.

Sea water submerged its engine compartment but, fortunately, its 360 passengers arrived at Fort San Pedro Iloilo City safely.

A day prior to the incident, a roll-on roll-off (RORO) ship sank at Burias Straight off the coast of Masbate province.

Daraug said strict pre-departure inspection must ensure that the ships are fit to sail especially this rainy season when monsoon rain continue to affect the region.

Daraug warned that they will file appropriate charges against the owner of any shipping lines who fail to meet their standards. (PNA)



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