BACIWA’s service to continue despite workers’ rally

BACOLOD CITY, June 10 (PNA) — The management of the Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) assured the public that their services will continue as usual despite their worker’s mass actions.

“The welfare of the consumers is paramount and the service and operation of the District will continue,” BACIWA’s management headed by General Manager Lawyer Juliana Carbon said in a statement Monday.

The water district’s Board of Directors has been at odds with the BACIWA Employees Union (BEU) due to conflicting opinions regarding its joint venture agreement with Miya-Maynilad.

The Board believed that the private-public partnership with Miya-Maynilad can resolve their non-water revenue loss of more than P2.4 billion but the employee’s union believed otherwise.

BEU President Claudio Salmo said the agreement would only lead to water district’s privatization. He even threatened the Board that they will file charges against them if it will be pursued.

But the management of BACIWA, as well as its Board, stood firm that they too would never allow the water district to be privatized. Yet their stand and assurance could not convince the employee’s union.

BACIWA management said in a statement that the issue on privatization is “too premature” to be discussed in the press.

It also clarified that they did not “instigate” the employees’ union to make their stand against the actuations of the majority of the Board of Directors. (PNA)


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