Laborers in Negros Occidental demanding wage hike

BACOLOD CITY, May 28 (PNA) — Thousands of laborers in Negros Occidental are pushing for considerable wage hike in the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board in Western Visayas.

Labor representative Winnie Sancho said they are asking an increase of P113.57 for commercial and industrial workers; P100.45 for workers in plantations with more than 24 hectares; and P96.35 for workers in plantations with less than 24 hectares.

The proposed increase is based on the current daily minimum wage in Region 6 which is P277 for industrial and non-agricultural workers of companies with more than 10 employees and P235 to those employed in companies with less than 10 workers.

Workers in the agriculture sector employed in plantations, on the other hand, get P245 daily while non-plantation workers are paid P235 daily.

“The increases represent the daily wage lost of the workers based on the computation of wage hikes as provided under Wage Order No. RB 6-20 Series of 2012,” he said.

Sancho said the last wage increase of P12 daily took effect las April 1, 2012.

In 2011, the RTWPB 6 issued Wage Order No. 19, granting a P12 Emergency Cost of Living Allowance for workers for three months from July 15 to October 15.

At present, the real daily wage for commercial and industrial workers is only P163.43 and for plantation workers range from P144.55 to P138.65.

“Considering the real value of the peso, and as confirmed by the National Statistics Office in its 2012 report, the real value of P277 rate is only P163.70,” the petition of the group states.

The P277 daily rate should be added by P113.57 to make it P390.57 just to restore the real value of the peso for the daily wage of the workers, it further said.

“The gap between the nominal and real wages should be closed and the lost daily wage of the workers should be recovered, otherwise the lives of the wage earners will become more miserable,” it added.

Sancho said their wage petition is needed to increase the workers purchasing power. (PNA)



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