Reelected San Enrique mayor told rival to accept defeat

BACOLOD CITY, May 20 (PNA) — Reelected Mayor Mario Magno of San Enrique in Negros Occidental is asking his rival and former town mayor Jilson Tubillara to be “gentleman enough” in accepting his defeat.

Magno issued the statement after Tubillara signified his intention to file election protest before a regional trial court either here or in Bago City and demand for a recount.

Though it is his right to file protest, Magno advised Tubillara to rather concede and “help us bring progress to our town.”

Magno won by a margin of 20 votes or 6,277 votes compared to his rival’s 6,257 votes.

Tubillara said he will ask the court to recount the votes in 10-12 contested precincts, which he believed he won, aside from other precincts where there were 37 rejected ballots.

He, however, failed to specify how many votes were there in 10-12 contested precincts in the town.

Magno, on the other hand, believed that the same results will show up if his rival’s plea for recount will be granted.

“I don’t know what are his grounds or basis for his protest because I believe I won,” Magno said.

Magno pointed out that he has confidence in the automated elections because of its results matched and were confirmed correct during the Random Manual Audit.

“… the results of the elections are credible,” he stressed. Lastly, the re-elected mayor expressed his willingness to work closely with Tubillara in his capacity as private citizen. (PNA)



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