Gov. Marañon renews tribute to labor; warns vs fake bills

BACOLOD CITY, May 1 (PNA) — Re-electionist Governor Alfredo Maranon, Jr. paid tribute to the labor sector on Wednesday and called on industry leaders and business community to share their profits with their workers because the country’s gross domestic product has relatively improved.

“The labor sector is the backbone of our economy,” the United Negros Alliance standard bearer told dyEZ anchorman Charlie Pabular in a live interview.

“There is really honor in labor,” Marañon said, adding that the working class deserves more because the Philippine economy is now a lot better.

Maranon also called on Negrenses to remain vigilant in the wake of Philippine National Police reports that counterfeit money, mostly P500 bills, are in circulation.

He said he had already been briefed by Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office caretaker, Senior Supt. Ricardo de la Paz on the issue.

“Fake money had been circulating in the province in the past few days. It appears that it is the usual occurrence during election time as other candidates promise money to their supporters. Their money wells must have run out of cash,” Maranon, relating the police report to the anchorman, said laughing.

“Let us be vigilant. Let us scrutinize the money being given out in the campaign trail. But more importantly, let us not sell our votes because they are sacred. By the time you sell your vote, that’s when you get paid with fake money,” the UNA leader said.

Responding to a query saying that one political camp is promising between P1,000 to P1,500 to voters on May 13, Maranon said the offer is certainly not coming from his party because UNA does not believe in vote-buying other than the fact that his group does not have money.

“We do not buy votes. But we believe that volunteerism is a stronger bond. We have nothing to give our supporters except our love and services,” Maranon said.

“Love will always prevail in the end. Money is just a temporary thing. You can earn it if you work hard. But love, voluntary love, is difficult to win. It’s correct. It’s going to be love against guns, goons and gold come election time,” he added. (PNA)


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