BACOLOD CITY, March 24 (PNA) — From P9.89 per kilowatt-hour in February, Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CENECO) has lowered its electricity rate this March by 22 centavos or P9.67 per kilowatt-hour.

The decline in power rates could be attributed to stabilization of supply situation and transmission facilities in Visayas grid, according to CENECO General Manager Sulpicio Lagarde Jr.

Lagarde explained the decline was achieved following the dropped of generation charge to P0.0489.

There was also a reduction in transmission charges by P0.2124 and systems loss charge by P0.0098.

Correspondingly, the equivalent value added tax for generation, transmission and systems loss also gone down by P0.0024.

The total cut off in blended rate, according to the official, should have been P0.2735 but there was an increase in life line subsidy of P0.0009 and in mandatory rate reduction of P0.0455 making it P0.022/kWh only.

Meanwhile, Legarde disclosed that for the onset of summer the demand for electricity in the months of March, April and May is higher than the annual average.

This is due to the upward trend in individual consumption driven by the extended or optimized use of cooling appliances like freezers, refrigerators, air conditioning units and electric fan, he said.

“While we cannot forego these cooling amenities during summer, the CENECO consumers are reminded to be conscious about savings by observing appropriate steps in the use of electricity in order to cushion the impact during high demand months,” he said in a statement.

The summer months also heat up CENECO’s internal house wiring. Thus, they are reminding all its customers to avoid overloading of outlets and extension cords in order to avoid the occurrence of any electricity-related accidents. (PNA)



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