NNC-6 concerned of Filipino’s rising meat intake

BACOLOD CITY, March 19 (PNA) — The National Nutrition Council (NNC) in Western Visayas expressed concern on the rising consumption of meat products among Filipinos since this trend is bad to one’s health.

NNC-6 Regional Coordinator Nona Tad-y warned that eating too much meat instead of vegetables and fruits may lead to hypertension and other ailments.

“Too much is too much,” she stressed, adding that “we should take a second look at the type of the food we are eating and evaluate if these can bring proper nourishment”.

A survey conducted by NNC disclosed a dramatic increase in Filipino’s consumption of fish, meat and poultry in the span of three decades since 1978.

The survey showed that each Filipino’s one-day per capita food consumption of fish, meat and poultry increased from 133 to 193 grams.

Consumption of sugar and syrup also increased from 19 to 17 grams; fats and oil from 13 to 15 grams; and eggs from eight to 14 grams.

Consumption of starch roots and tubers, on the other hand, declined from 37 to 17 grams; dried beans, nuts and seeds from eight to nine grams; vegetables from 145 to 110 grams; and fruits from 104 to 54 grams.

Tad-y explained that the decrease in vegetable and fruit intake is mostly caused by one’s lifestyle.

Many also complained that local fruits and vegetables are more expensive and cooking preparation takes time, she said.

There is also a growing number of people eating in fast food chains rather than cooking their own dishes at home, she added.

Others are influenced by mass media, increased urbanization, adoption of westernized diet and trade liberation.

But despite these factors, Tad-y emphasized that it will still be ideal to eat vegetables and fruits more than meat if one wants to stay healthy. (PNA)



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