Poll candidates urged to bare plans for children

BACOLOD CITY, March 5 (PNA) — Children’s right advocates are urging local and national candidates to bare their platforms concerning the welfare and protection of children.

May-i Fabros of Women Health Philippines said children’s rights should be a priority and issues concerning it should be openly discussed in campaign sorties.

“The candidates must openly speak of their programs for children so voters will know who among them have concrete programs for our children,” she added.

Fabros said it is not also enough that candidates have campaign advertisement showing children.

“Children’s lives cannot be saved by simply making them visible in the ads paired with motherhood statements,” she stressed.

For her part, Minerva Cabiles, child rights governance adviser of Save the Children, said that it is also not enough for candidates to say that they support education or health for children.

“They must commit to provide sufficient budget for education, health and social services specifically for children,” she said.

Cabiles said politicians should likewise say precisely where they stand when it comes to putting money where it really matters like programs that ensure quality of life and dignity for marginalized children.

Meanwhile, Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD) Executive Director Romeo Dongeto said that there were already landmark laws for children in the country.

Among these laws was the Special Protection against Child Abuse, which serves as framework leading to the passage of more specific laws on anti-pornography, juvenile justice and welfare, and just recently, foster care. (PNA)



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