Illegitimate births in Bacolod rising

By George M. de la Cruz

BACOLOD CITY, March 4 (PNA) — Cases of illegitimate births or unwanted pregnancies have been a rising trend for the last ten years in the metro, a report from Commission on Population Office (POPCOM) disclosed.

The report showed that of the total 97,172 live births in 2001 up to 2010, some 18,855 cases were “illegitimate”(9,745 male newborns and 9,110 female newborns).

POPCOM’s record also showed that the incidence of illegitimate births is prevalent among adolescents or those aging between 15 and 19 (3,881 cases) and young adults or those aging between 20 and 24 (7,790 cases).

A high incidence is also noted among the adults with a total of 4,107 cases. Worst, the report likewise indicated that 15 cases of illegitimate births in ages 14 years old and below are in the city.

As to the profile of the pregnant women recorded by POPCOM, Alisbo explained that some 3,965 migrated to this city, 14,861 are bona fide residents and 29 hailed from the other places outside the city and province of Negros Occidental.

Further, majority of the total cases recorded or 14,847 are housekeepers, 3,410 are professionals, and some 698 are still students, she said.

In terms of birthing facility, Alisbo said many preferred to deliver in government hospitals (7,695) than in private hospitals (5,420).

If categorized by religion, Alisbo said Roman Catholics ranked first at 16,984 cases, followed by the Baptists (764), Iglesia ni Kristo (248), and the rest is shared by the Aglipayan, Seventh Day Adventist, among others.

With the statistics rising, Population Worker Mary Ann Alisbo emphasized the need for more aggressive and collaborative advocacies toward family planning and responsible parenthood.

Alisbo said the persistent rise in the trend can be caused by many factors which include, among others, the ballooning state of poverty and unemployment.

“Another factor is that because many still don’t comply with the provisions of responsible parenthood and family planning,” Alisbo added. (PNA)



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