13th Negrense Professional Chess Fest set on March 10 to 31

BACOLOD CITY, Feb. 27 (PNA) — All roads lead to this city for the 13th edition of the Negrense Professional Chess Festival on March 10-31 at the Top’s Bowling Lanes at the corner of 10th and Hilado Streets here.

The tournament organized by Game Royal Aficionados of Negros will be held in cooperation with Top’s Millennium Plaza Bowling Lanes, Inc.

Interested participants, male or female, should be a graduate of any four-year course and bona fide resident of Negros Island.

Upon registration, organizers advised first timer participants to present his college diploma or transcript of records or PRC license.

They should also know how to record chess games in either descriptive or English notation or algebraic notation. They should also provide their own tournament size chess set and serviceable chess clock.

Tournament director shall announce in detail the official tournament ground rules and the first round pairing during the opening ceremony.

The official FIDE Laws of Chess, unless otherwise superseded by the club’s rules, will govern the competition.

Registration fee is pegged at P200 and the deadline of registration will be on March 8. The tournament system will be the 7-Round Swiss System (1 hour 20 moves plus 1 hour to finish the game).

Police Officer 1 Ernie Abanco of the Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office (NOPPO) won in 12th edition of Negrense Professional Chess Festival last year.

For more information, interested participants may contact Dodz L. Felisilda, tournament director and chief arbiter at telephone no. 441-2447; CP# 0999-1939475 and 0916-6873957; and Gilbert D. Villanueva, head registration committee at CP# 0948-8773939. (PNA)



2 thoughts on “13th Negrense Professional Chess Fest set on March 10 to 31

  1. Why do the organizers of the competition require that the participants be graduates of four-year courses?

    1. based on what the reporter had told me, they are scouting for “professional” players and your degree is a proof. That very specific requirement sets the limit.

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