Bacolod’s diamond jubilee year to be celebrated June 18

BACOLOD CITY, Feb. 26 (PNA) — Come hell or high water, the city government will come up with 75 major events to highlight the celebration of its diamond jubilee year on June 18 instead of October 19.

In partnership with the private sector, City Administrator John Orola said they will also honor 75 outstanding people that helped the city become progressive through the years.

The former lone district representative of the city has been recently designated by Mayor Evelio Leonardia as the executive director of forthcoming 75th anniversary celebration of the signing of Commonwealth Act 326.

The Commonwealth Act 326 signed by then President Manuel Quezon on June 18, 1938 paved way to the birth of the city on October 19 of the same year.

“We are pushing through with the preparations and we believe that it is the right thing to do. The show must go on,” Leonardia said.

On his part, City Legal Officer Atty. Joselito Bayatan said that there will be no legal discrepancies if Leonardia insists in holding a pre-charter day celebration every June 18 of the year instead of October 19.

Bayatan added that both of the dates are equally significant to the history of Bacolod. He also clarified that they are not disputing the opinion expressed by the National Historical Commission on the matter.

NHC Chairperson Dr. Maria Serena Diokno has released an opinion that Bacolod City started its “corporate existence” on October 19, 1938, thus, its Charter Day celebration should be every October 19 of the year.

But Bayatan pointed out that there will be no Oct. 19 Charter Day if not for the signing of the commonwealth act on June 18, 1939. “There goes the significance of the date,” he stressed.

Orola said the debates on when should the city celebrate is not a concern and they should pursue the plans for the celebration no matter what it takes.

“We should not be disturbed by anything that has no meaning at all. Let’s move forward. We only have how many months to prepare and there are so many big events coming,” he said referring to 20th Panaad sa Negros on April and Trade Promotions Campaign on May.

Leonardia also announced that the pre-celebration of Charter Day on June 18 will be a three-in-one affair for they will also incorporate in their activities the celebration of the Independence Day on June 12 and the birth of Dr. Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero, on June 19. (PNA)


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